Key Brexit risks and opportunities to Ireland’s digitally-intensive sector

The technology sector, which makes a critical and growing contribution to the Irish economy, may be particularly at risk from Brexit disruption given its intrinsic links to the global market and heavy dependence on trade. Technology Ireland has been working to understand the impact that Brexit may have on the sector in Ireland. We have prioritised the following key areas of impact:

  • Trade barriers
  • Access to talent
  • Regulation (including IPR protection and standards)
  • Data flows
  • R&D cooperation
  • Public procurement

For these reasons, Technology Ireland has commissioned Frontier Economics to research the potential impact of Brexit on the digitally-intensive sector in Ireland. The purpose of this research is to assess both potential benefits and risks for the Irish sector. Our approach to this research has been to:

  1. define the digitally-intensive sectors of interest, and their contribution to Ireland’s economy
  2. identify possible policy scenarios for the future UK-EU relationship
  3. identify how the value chains in these sectors are affected by Irish-UK linkages
  4. assess the policy areas that may be impacted most severely from Brexit


Brexit and the Irish Technology Sector pdf | 2477.7 kb