A toolkit to help prepare for Brexit

This joint report from Ibec and Accenture sets out a practical guide for Irish business and brings together critical ‘need to know’ information and other important considerations around Brexit.

While none of us know the precise implications of Brexit, this does not mean that we are helpless in continuing to prepare for its arrival.  What we do know is that Irish businesses are facing significant changes in how they will trade with the UK in the future that will have major implications for organisations’ structures, operations, systems and processes. While some of these changes will be small and easier to implement, others will be significant and will require longer lead times and significant investment. One thing is for certain; many companies will need to adapt their businesses if they are to maintain their competitiveness and retain their market access.

In this report, Ibec has identified ten key areas where Brexit will have the greatest impact, such as currency, supply chain, workforce and technology. It also includes an impact analysis of these issues across nine key sectors within the economy including retail, manufacturing, food & drink, financial services, technology, education, energy, transport and pharma. Irish business leaders need to be proactive, take control and act now to assess their preparedness for the predicted changes, make plans to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities.

We hope that this report will be a source of valuable insights and information for you.

Brexit A toolkit guide for your business pdf | 1888.8 kb