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• Workplace accidents where a person is fatally injured, are reportable
• The injury of any employee as a result of an accident while at work, where the injury results in the employee being unable to carry out their normal work duties for more than three consecutive days, excluding the day of the accident, must be reported.
• Where a non employee e.g. member of the public, requires medical attention in a medical facility, as a result of a workplace accident, this is reportable to the HSA.


Non-fatal accidents or dangerous occurrences should be reported to the Authority with in ten working days of the event.

Fatal accidents must be reported immediately to the Authority and/or Gardaí. A formal report must be submitted to the Authority within five working days of a workplace fatality

However, although there are strict timelines on how soon after an accident that one should report, in reality it is better to report an accident after this time than not at all.

Yes this is reportable to the HSA, the employee was absent as a result of a workplace accident for more than three consecutive days excluding the day of the accident. For more FAQs on reporting accidents to the HSA click here.


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