Ibec Europe & Global Focus

Welcome to our spring 2022 edition of Ibec Europe & Global Focus featuring insights into the latest developments in EU and International policy. As we publish, the EU continues to develop and deepen its response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The early stages of the crisis have displaced millions of people and Europe is working with global partners to respond as well as to put pressure on Russia diplomatically and economically.

In this issue, we take a look at the sanctions taken against Russia following its actions in Ukraine and major developments in EU policy including the Commission’s proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. In our global affairs and trade policy section, we look at developments in the EU-US and EU-China relationships, as well as the latest developments in the WTO.

We introduce Engineering Industries Ireland, one of Ibec’s newest trade associations, which recently launched its 2022-2025 strategy, and overview Ibec’s recent visit to Prague where we joined other D9+ business organisations and member state representatives for a joint meeting attended by Minister of State for Trade Promotion Robert Troy. We profile Ibec’s engagements with international stakeholders in Brussels and the USA.  

We present Ibec’s new policy campaigns. Central to Ibec’s campaigning in 2022 is Model of Sustainable Substance, an Ibec campaign which tells the story of Ireland’s outward-looking, open and resilient economic model, the key to our competitiveness. We also highlight Ibec’s vocal activities on EU affairs in this quarter as we recently launched our campaign Stronger Europe, Stronger Ireland, which speaks to our ambitions and asks on green, digital, social and trade policy at this midpoint in the EU’s institutional cycle and at 50 years of Irish membership and Ireland’s contemporary, influential position as a net contributor.

Please contact our EU & International Affairs team in Brussels or Dublin if you wish to further discuss any of the items covered.  

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