A digital single market where policy makers understand and respond to the needs of business is more important than ever for innovation, growth and jobs.

Europe needs an accessible, secure, outward looking single market that embeds and encourages digitalisation as an enabler of greater connectivity, innovation, investment, global competitiveness, growth and greater choice in goods and services.

This paper presents Ibec recommendations to EU policy makers on the ongoing implementation of the European Commission’s strategy for a digital single market (DSM). The paper expands on Ibec’s preliminary views on the creation and early implementation3 of a European DSM strategy and Ibec’s ambition for advancing Ireland as a leading, globally competitive digital economy and focuses on the future implementation of the DSM strategy after its recent mid-term review in May 2017.

The paper is necessarily a priority list rather than an exhaustive list. We believe that, taken together and pursued with vigour, these priorities will enable business to create jobs and prosperity in Ireland and across the EU.


Completing a digital single market that works pdf | 730.6 kb