Ireland has a long and tradition of storytelling, from captivating mythology to heartfelt recounting of daily life to tales that impart lessons or foster a sense of community or historical understanding. These fascinating stories pique interest, broaden horizons, and encourage us to learn about and experience the world outside our own. They told in poems and homes, through ballads or fairy and folk tales.

We explore how the tradition of storytelling can serve as a tool for understanding and empathy, allowing us to better accept cultural differences, comprehend life experiences, and exchange knowledge.

The origin of this tradition is oral storytelling, which is dependent on active listening, a skill that must be maintained in order to preserve the tradition. Learning from this, we consider how the skills from this tradition can support diversity in our communities and workplaces.

Moderated by Ibec's Sam Owens, the episode features an exciting line-up of contributors:

  • Maria Gillen, Story Teller with Story Seeds
  • Dawn Leane, Trainer with Leane Empower
  • Stephanie McDermott, community activist and lecturer at Carlow College

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Small Businesses with Big Ambitions: Part 2

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