2023 is the European Year of Skills, which aims to address skills shortages in the European Union and boost the EU skills strategy.

In this episode of Ibec Responds we explore the importance of lifelong learning to business and how Ibec is driving this important initiative. Nikki Gallagher, Ibec Head of Public Affairs, is joined by Claire McGee, Ibec Head of Education and Innovation Policy, and Meadhbh Costello, Ibec Social and Education Policy Executive, to discuss talent opportunities and what L&D investment bring to a business.


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Ep. 25  /  Ibec Responds

Irish Beef Sector Sustainability Report: Progress to Date and Roadmap to 2030

In this episode, Síle Sweeney, Senior Executive at Meat Industry Ireland, is joined by Philip Tallon, Operations Manager at Dawn Meats and Margaret Berry, Head of Sustainability at Kepak, to discuss sustainability in the meat sector.

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Ep. 24  /  Ibec Responds

Architects and Advocates: Bertie Ahern and Alastair Campbell

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy is joined by two important architects and advocates of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement , former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Alastair Campbell, former Director of Communications for Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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Ep. 23  /  Ibec Responds

Better Housing, Better Business

Ibec Executive Director of Lobbying and Influence Fergal O'Brien and Ibec Chief Economist and Head of National Policy Gerard Brady share their insights into the key findings of Ibec's new 'Better Housing, Better Business' report.

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Ep. 22  /  Ibec Responds

COP27: Reflections with Minister Eamon Ryan

In the final episode of our Ibec Responds mini-series on COP27, Fergal O’Brien, Ibec Executive Director of Lobbying and Influence, sits down with Minister Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications and Minister for Transport.

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