Resources to promote

Here you will find some tools to help you promote your participation in National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2024. We’ll be running an active media and social media campaign during the month of April and we’d love you to get on board.


All of our social media posts will be tagged with #WorkWell24 – this means it’s easy for us and for anyone to find all posts related to the campaign on twitter. 

Please be sure and use this tag when you tweet us! You can also tag our twitter profile @WellbeingDayIRL 

Downloadable logo and social media images

Below are some resources you can download and use on your internal, promotional materials or include on your own social media posts.  

Workplace Wellbeing Day Logo 2024 png | 190.8 kb LinkedIn Blue png | 93.8 kb LinkedIn Green png | 87.2 kb LinkedIn Orange png | 78.7 kb X Blue png | 51.7 kb X Green png | 48.2 kb X Orange png | 43.9 kb Email Footer Blue V1 png | 19.7 kb Email Footer Blue V2 png | 19.5 kb Email Footer Orange V1 png | 17.6 kb Email Footer Orange V2 png | 17.5 kb