Wellbeing success - The Boston Scientific case study

January 09, 2023

Keeping your company well with Ibec’s KeepWell™ Mark - The Boston Scientific Case Study in Wellbeing Success.

In 2018, Boston Scientific (a MedTech company with 6,000 employees in Ireland) began their journey to accreditation with us, working together to achieve an open, happy, and inclusive workplace. 
The journey begins
When you sign-up to the KeepWell™ Programme, the first step of assessment allows you to appraise and gain validation for the programmes you have in place. 
From here, the KeepWell™ team worked with Boston Scientific to embed the KeepWell™ framework and standards with recommendations tailored to their company’s needs.

Our strategy is based around the KeepWell™ framework because we wanted to deliver programmes from a holistic approach, as advised by an accredited body .”

Framework benefits include:
Encompasses an organisation-wide approach
Offers benchmarking
Delivers gap analysis
Provides expert support
Opens access to a like-minded business community
Assists with management buy-in
Ensures recognition, from a reputed source, for best-in-class wellbeing standards.

Investing long-term
Boston Scientific invested in a long-term commitment. But one that gave clear, tangible, and efficient results. 

Engagement with the KeepWell™ process gives a focus to delivering on Wellbeing Programmes and timelines.

2018 – Boston Scientific Galway signs up
    2019 – Boston Scientific Galway accredits
        2021 – Boston Scientific Cork signs up
            2022 – Boston Scientific Galway reaccredits + Boston Scientific Cork accredits.

4 strategic steps
With 6,000 employees, 3 national sites and many diverse departments, Boston Scientific’s wellbeing journey involved 4 core, strategic steps.
1.    Commit 
In 2018, Boston Scientific established clear and committed goals, backed by leadership investment and support across the organisation to deliver on the agreed goals.
-    Provide the highest standard of wellbeing, health and safety for all their employees
-    Empower individuals to maintain their own wellbeing
-    Prioritise a caring, healthy, and inclusive workplace at every site
-    Promote open communication and reduce mental health stigma

2.    Resource
Boston Scientific aligned internally, bringing teams together to deliver the strategy. The KeepWell™ Team provided expert advice and support in setting-up company-wide resources and networks.

Ibec’s KeepWell™ Mark Framework ensured that everyone, from the production line to management, had a voice and could get involved.”

A Campus Wellbeing Steering Committee was created to achieve The KeepWell™ Mark, support mental health initiatives and improve overall staff wellbeing. Importantly, the steering committee included a cross section of representatives from across the business Wellbeing Representatives were appointed across the production units. This provided a two-way communication path, ensuring that all the Wellbeing Initiative Resources and Wellbeing Communications were made accessible to everyone in every department, on every shift.

3.    Listen
For Boston Scientific, listening to staff was one of the key steps towards understanding and where to improve systems. To win hearts and minds, to make sure every person is heard, and to bring everyone on the wellbeing journey, Boston Scientific conducts an annual survey.

We strive for continuous improvement and while we had some validation from our internal surveys, in terms of programmes which enhanced employee wellbeing, it is great to have that validated from a recognised accredited national standard.

4.    Communicate
Once people could see the benefits of implementing the KeepWell Mark strategies, they actively got involved to deliver it at every level.

We used multiple channels to communicate with employees across the campus - from Wellbeing Boards, Campus Manager meetings, and e-mails, to leaflets and screen displays in the canteen.

To improve communications, Boston Scientific put in place a core Wellbeing Team plus an extended team of Wellbeing Champions across the production units.

Ensure all employees understand why you want to do this. The award is great recognition, but it’s not the main reason why you would embark on this journey. Once people understand the benefits of having a strategy that focuses on delivering the 8 core elements of the KeepWell™ Mark, you will gain internal momentum from employees who will deliver on the strategy.”

Top marks of success

Since engaging in the KeepWell™ process, general Wellbeing has been raised. This has resulted in openness around people discussing their issues.”

Through accreditation and continuous improvement, Boston Scientific now has:
A network of mental health champions
Enhanced culture of open communications
Employee trust through commitment of resources to wellbeing
Training and resources in place
Independent validation of internal programmes
A collaborative approach to wellbeing across all sites and departments

We proudly display our KeepWell™ Mark accreditation on our Wellbeing Board.

About KeepWell
Ibec’s KeepWell™ Mark programme helps companies take a strategic approach to wellbeing for improved business performance.
We do this through our wellbeing accreditation; The KeepWell™ Mark, and via the KeepWell™ Community programme which offers training on building effective wellbeing strategies, along with clinics, webinars and networking events.
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Sophie Moran

KeepWell Mark Senior Account Executive