Interested to see how your company’s commitment to workplace wellbeing measures up against KeepWell’s standards? 

This self-assessment questionnaire will allow you to take stock of where your organisation’s current wellbeing strategy sits as compared to the minimum standards of The KeepWell Mark – which areas you are excelling in and which areas need more development and investment.

It will help indicate how close your organisation is to achieving the accreditation and getting your wellbeing programme verified to Ibec KeepWell standard.

The mini assessment should be carried out by an individual who is involved with the development and implementation of the organisation’s wellbeing initiatives – for example, a dedicated wellbeing contact, HR practitioner, etc. You should be familiar with the organisation's current wellbeing policies and practices.


You will be asked to complete a series of questions across 8 themes related to your organisation's health and wellbeing practices and initiatives.

You can respond to each question using three options: Fully met, Partially Met or Not Met. 

• Fully Met (FM) Every aspect of the standard has been met or exceeded. 

• Partially Met (PM) Some or most of the standard has been met and can be evidenced. 

• Not Met (NM) None or very little of the standard has been met. This option should be selected if activities, procedures or systems are still under development or have not been implemented.


This questionnaire should take you no longer than about 10 minutes to complete and will be shortly followed up with your calculated scores and advice on what the next steps should be in your workplace wellbeing journey.

Once you submit, we will review your self-assessment and compile your results! We will take a few days to calculate your score. You can expect to hear from Conor Trant, KeepWell Business Development Executive with a full breakdown of your results and next steps.

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