Engineering Industries Ireland Strategy

February 16, 2022

From May 2021, Engineering Industry Ireland members have engaged in a detailed process of preparing for the future. The result of this process is our new Strategy 2022 – 2025, Engineering a better future.

Equipped with a strong, clear vision of where we need to be and how we can best get there, our approach is broad in its intent. We are keenly aware that one size does not fit all and we are confident that our approach caters for the many varied requirements of our members.

Through our strategic pillars we are reaching out to those who wish to be involved in the creation of a dynamic future for the engineering sector. Through the provision of high-quality services to our members organisations, Engineering Industries Ireland stands ready to help you to navigate your way forward.

Read report below:

Ibec Engineering Strategy 2022-2025 pdf | 9903.4 kb