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Laboratory apprenticeships can help you build your talent pipeline by combining excellent educational qualifications with special on the job training that ensures work-ready people graduate from the programme.

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Taking on a laboratory apprentice can help you compete nationally and internationally by future-proofing your organisation with a well-managed talent pipeline that combines excellent educational qualifications with valuable hands on work experience coupled with on the job training that ensures work-ready people graduate from the programme. 


The laboratory apprenticeships have been designed by industry, for industry. They are closely aligned with the current needs of the BioPharamChem sector as well as the Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Food and Drink and Independent Testing Laboratory sectors. Some of the key benefits are: 


Research has shown that apprenticeships offers myriad benefits to employers. By investing in talent development through apprenticeship, employers gain a pipeline of loyal skilled workers, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line. Apprenticeships also help to lower recruitment and training costs.


Apprenticeship is an exciting and proven way for employers to develop talent for their company and industry. Apprenticeships are designed by industry-led groups, supporting growth and competitiveness. Companies gain access to a new talent pipeline with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.


80% of employers who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive. The flexible and varied nature of the programme can ensure apprentices develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to help you achieve your business objectives. Apprentices build their technical and analytical knowledge which in turn feeds back into the business.

Bridges the gap

Apprenticeship programmes can help address the skills gap facing most companies build alternative career paths as well as provide greater opportunity to diversify their workforce. The apprenticeship approach is an excellent way to close the large and growing gap between demand and supply in this critical field, with additional benefits that include increasing diversity and expanding the skill set of existing workers.

How to employ an apprentice

An initial assessment is required to assess your company’s suitability to train an apprentice. 

You will need experienced staff members to act as apprentice mentors and access to the necessary equipment.

You must provide the apprentice with a suitable role to facilitate their learning and meet their learning outcomes.

You must ensure the apprentice is released to attend academia two days per week

You must provide the apprentice with a salary both on and off the job - salary is set by indiviual company.

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