Ireland’s talent pool remains a key global competitive advantage for the sector. We need to ensure that Ireland is an attractive location for highly-skilled employees. They in turn will then promote Ireland as a location for future investment and attract more similarly skilled people. The quality and capability of the people working in the sector is vital as companies invest and move up the value chain of innovation.

Demand for skills in Ireland remains very strong therefore continuity of investment in education is critical to building a future stream of highly skilled employees. It is important to nurture talent through the promotion and investment of science technology at the earliest stages in the academic lifecycle.

Ensuring the correct manufacturing environment and to keep up to date with manufacturing technology, maintaining our world class compliance record means that workforce skills needs to be continually updated.


The Laboratory apprenticeships

The Laboratory apprenticeships are extremely varied in that they combine paid on the job training with academic study. These programmes are suitable for leaving certificate students who wish to pursue a career in science, and current industry employees looking to up-skill or train in a laboratory environment. It is an outstanding opportunity for students to acquire real and practical experience while earning money. In addition to this, the programmes have proven very beneficial for Irish employers. Taking on a laboratory apprentice allows companies an unrivalled opportunity to compete both nationally and internationally by growing their talent pipeline and ensuring students gain valuable, hands on experience from day one.

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BioPharmaChem Skillnet 

BioPharmaChem Skillnet was established in 2006 with the aim of fostering a climate of whole-company development in the provision of Industry Specific technical training and non-technical training within the Pharmaceutical, BioPharma, Chemical, and Medical Device sectors. The Biopharmachem Silknet work in partnership with our Member Companies to design and deliver Enterprise-Led, subsidised training solutions for Industry.  We are actively involved in the promotion of the value of lifelong learning and the importance of ongoing professional development. We seek to address gaps in existing educational provision while also working with industry to identify future skills requirements.  We also deliver best practice workshops which actively promotes networking between our Member Companies.

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