Employment 5.0 will be sustainable, resilient and human-centric if we can prepare minds to be enterprising.

Igniting Ideas into Action

Aim: This 3 hour virtual workshop taps into collective thinking abilities (critical and creative) in order to enhance innovative performance in the workplace.

The delivery approach is via facilitated dialogue to introduce thinking techniques e.g. inversion and association to show how problems can be turned up-side down to find new ways through. Participant groups discover that creativity is often about asking the right questions to sufficiently challenge their prior assumptions.

The programme builds on your teams': Passion Productivity & Perseverance

The session will cover:

  • Asking the right questions to achieve the best answers
  • Generating Alternative actions - widening the frame
  • Removing Obstacles & Blockages to achieving goals
  • Using your Passion to control your Emotions

Workshop Content:

Passion: Obtain Clear Focus

  • Use Open-ended Questions to Open Minds.
  • Separate ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion’

Productivity: Explore Creativity as a tool for successful Innovation

  • Participants are broken into groups to create a ‘How to’ open question. This question is then used in a brainstorming exercise - ‘Leap-Frog’ - to explore innovative options to achieve their goal. These Ideas are captured and presented by a leader from each group for discussion.


Perseverance: Transform Negative Thinking into Positive Action

  • This session focuses on removing obstacles and blockages to achieving required goals.
  • Participants learn to use the D.N.A. print to change negative thinking into positive action.

Contact fiona.fennell@ibec.ie with any questions and register your interest here:


Start Date February 23, 2023
Time 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Duration 3 hours
Delegate Price €200 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events
Contact fiona.fennell@ibec.ie