This 3-module training programme is designed to give participants a broad, high-level overview of the topic of sustainability – or ESG – and how it applies to business.

Dates: Three x 1-hour webinars from 1-2 pm now running Tues 21st June, Tues 28th June with the final date to be confirmed.

Module 1: Sustainability & ESG 101. This module will provide an overview of global sustainability trends, define the terminology around corporate sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and give participants an understanding of key E, S and G topics for business.

 Learning outcomes:

·   Understand the concept of corporate sustainability and ESG and the range of topics covered

·   Understand the business case for sustainability and what’s driving the agenda

·   Be aware of the approaches businesses are using to manage ESG issues

 Module 2: Developing a Sustainability Strategy. This module will outline the key steps companies can take to develop a robust sustainability strategy and will share some examples of strategies from companies in different sectors.

 Learning outcomes

·   Understand the hallmarks of a robust sustainability strategy

·   Understand the practical steps to take to develop a sustainability strategy

·   Appreciate how sustainability strategies differ depending on the sector and type of business


Module 3: Sustainability & ESG Reporting. This final module will focus on the ever-evolving world of sustainability and ESG reporting, explaining key reporting frameworks that businesses and giving an overview of the new mandatory reporting requirements coming through via the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

 Learning outcomes

·   Understand how the sustainability reporting landscape has evolved (and continues to evolve)

·   Be aware of some of the key reporting/disclosure frameworks, such as GRI Standards, TCFD and the new standards stemming from the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

·   Appreciate some of the practicalities and challenges involved in producing a sustainability report

Start Date June 21, 2023
Delegate Price €195 (+VAT)