2022 was an exceptionally busy year for employment rights and 2023 has been just as busy and we are only in the second quarter. 

In recent years, we have seen legislation introduced on statutory sick leave, work life balance, whistleblowing, probation and contracts of employment. In the coming years, we will likely see further legislation in the areas of pensions and retirement age, pay transparency, platform workers, adequate minimum wage and telework.  

It is, therefore, a challenge for employers and HR practitioners to keep pace with the increasing regulation of the employment relationship. 

At this year’s Regional Employment Law Seminar series, Ibec’s Employment Law Solicitors will bring HR professionals up to date with all of these changes. We will provide attendees with practical guidance on a wide range of topics including statutory sick pay, work life balance, probation, whistleblowing, equality, redundancy and more.

Member rate €270 (+VAT)
Non-member rate €300 (+VAT) 

Donegal Jun 01 09:00, 6.5 hrs Abbey Hotel in Donegal
Start Date June 01, 2023
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€270 (+VAT),
€300 (+VAT)