Engineering Industries Ireland  in collaboration with the Engineering Skillnet and Cyber Skills (MTU)  invites Small and Medium sized Enterprise to two Cybersecurity Workshops. 

The delivery dates are : November 8th and 15th.

Cybersecurity for small / medium businesses is a non-technical course which gives the learner the information and steps to understand cybersecurity requirements for the business. 

Whether you are managing your cybersecurity yourself or outsourcing the workload this course will give you practical documented steps on how to reduce your risk of a cyber attack, as well as understand how to recover from one.

There are two independent 3-hour,  online webinars as follows:

 1.       Cybersecurity Awareness for Small/Medium Businesses 


              A How to document where all of your business data is held and its importance 

              B How to document your software and hardware and keep it safe

              C An annual awareness training program with links to materials



2.       Cybersecurity Risk Management for Small/Medium Businesses  Nov. 15th




A Business continuity plan (BCP) document for you to create your customised BCP

B Full understanding of different types of backups and how to test them

C Top tips on cybersecurity for your business


With optional 1 hour follow up for consultation/follow up


              A Review of your data, software and hardware mapping any queries that arise

B Review of your BCP and DR plans and any queries that arise

              B Questions on training your staff or general cybersecurity questions.



Start Date November 08, 2023
Duration 2 x 3 hours
Delegate Price €50 (+VAT)
Table Price €50 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events