Implementing Circular Economy Understanding Circularity and Eco Design for Sustainable Products

June 01, 2023

The European Commission is proposing new rules to ensure almost all physical goods within the internal market achieve a reduced negative life-cycle environmental impact, encourage circularity in their design and maintain a high-degree of energy-efficiency. These efforts will span from the product's design phase through to daily use, repairing/repurposing and end-of-life arrangements.
The Irish government's Whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy 2022-2023 commits to a policy of significantly increasing the opportunities for circularity within the Irish economy, with an aim to exceed the EU average by 2030.
Ibec will host this webinar, titled 'Implementing Circular Economy: Understanding Circularity and Eco-Design for Sustainable Products' to provide practical information and guidance for members to aid them in understanding the European Circular Economy Action Plan - alongside broader Irish and European perspectives on Circular Economy legislation.
The webinar will include a briefing from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment on the Proposal for Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR)