Global Leadership in Action:              Achieving an Equal Future by Getting Serious About Gender Equity

April 19, 2021

This interactive, frank, and modern discussion, hosted by Ibec Global, examined what we collectively need to do to achieve goals for gender equality and unlock massive financial, human and societal benefits. If equality is the goal, we need to shift to an equity agenda that ensures we are putting the right measures in place to actively correct the historical wrongs and systemic barriers that leave women and gender diverse people behind AND provide them with the tools and support they need to thrive.

This event featured international thought leaders who delivered thought-provoking remarks on various topics, with a follow-up discussion after each topic among a panel of global business leaders and influencers. These are just some of the questions our speakers and panellists examined:

- Did the global pandemic lift the veil on existing problems or present a new set of barriers and challenges?

- Why is it important to understand the difference between equality and equity to provide extra and customized support to women and gender diverse individuals, and not just offer them the same opportunities as men? 

- What about men? How do we move them from champions to active participants in the gender equity agenda?

- What are the actions being taken by businesses who are leading the way? What does progress look like? How are the headlines of the day putting us in a constant state of evolving how we speak about and address inequality?

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Global Leadership in Action Series - Report 1 pdf | 348.2 kb