In this episode of Ibec Responds, we delve into the dynamic world of global economics, where interest rates reign supreme. From influencing spending habits to shaping investment decisions, interest rates play a pivotal role in driving economic activity.

Join Executive Director, Ibec Global, Jackie King and Ibec CEO Danny McCoy, as we explore the unprecedented shifts in interest rates and their profound implications.

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Ep. 37  /  Ibec Responds

Electing in Europe, what will happen and why does it matter?

Pat Ivory, Director of EU and International Affairs at Ibec is joined by Frances Fitzgerald, Member of the European Parliament and Noelle O Connell, CEO of the European Movement Ireland. 

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Ep. 36  /  Ibec Responds

Experience Economy - More than meets the eye

In this episode, Sharon Higgins and Pat McCann discuss our recent 'Experience Economy - More than meets the Eye' report and the work of Ibec's Experience Economy Policy Committee.

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Ep. 35  /  Ibec Responds

Q1 Quarterly Economic Outlook 2024

Ger Brady, Head Economist at Ibec, discusses key findings from our 2024 Q1 Economic Outlook report with Ibec Economists, Hazel Ahern-Flynn and Mourad Mejdi.

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Ep. 34  /  Ibec Responds

Better Care, Better Business

In this episode, Nikki Gallagher, Head of Public Affairs at Ibec speaks to colleague Kara McGann, Head of Skills and Social Policy, regarding our recent 'Better Care, Better Business' report.

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