This FAQ guide will help you learn everything you need to know about getting your organisation accredited with the KeepWell Mark - a workplace wellbeing accreditation from Ibec.

The KeepWell Mark™, introduced by Ibec in 2017, is an evidence-based workplace wellbeing accreditation awarded to companies who have enrolled in the KeepWell programme and have successfully met the standards of the framework. The accreditation process includes a self-assessment, an onsite evaluation from independent assessors, and a report that outlines areas for improvement – allowing your business to chart its way to success. Successful organisations are awarded a certificate valid for two years and are listed on Ibec’s website as employers of choice.

The KeepWell programme will provide you with all the tools necessary to embed the highest standards of good workplace health, wellbeing, and safety practices. Additionally, it serves to strengthen your employer brand – both internally with your staff, and externally with key stakeholders.

The programme is for all employers who believe in the importance of health and prosperity in the workplace. We welcome registrations from public, private and voluntary organisations. Ibec members benefit from a preferential enrolment fee, however you do not need to be a member of Ibec to enrol in the programme

We take a holistic approach, focusing on eight key themes and how they impact across your entire organisation.

  • Leadership – how our organisation uses its policies and practices to create a working environment that is conducive to health and wellbeing.
  • Absence Management – how information is used to help managers reduce sickness absence, inform management practice, and support attendance.
  • Smoke Free – The ways in which our organisation goes beyond the minimum legal requirements in encouraging staff to be smoke free.
  • Physical Activity – how our organisation actively promotes the importance and benefits of regular physical activity and creates opportunities for our staff to become involved.
  • Health & Safety – how our organisation monitors and improves health and safety.
  • Mental Health – how the organisation protects and promotes the mental wellbeing of its staff including appropriated policies, management training, and support mechanisms.
  • Healthy Eating – The ways in which our organisation actively encourages and enables staff to eat healthily.
  • Intoxicants – how our organisation responds to and provides solutions for problematic use of intoxicants.

Your company will receive:

  • A detailed framework and action plan to achieve high standards and meet criteria in key corporate wellbeing metrics
  • Accreditation valid for two years pending a KeepWell health check, mid cycle
  • A personalised report with recommendations for further improvements
  • Access to an online portal, providing sample workplace wellbeing policies, resources and best practice
  • Access to an engaged community and experts in the corporate wellbeing space
  • National recognition and promotion of your organisation’s achievements

It’s a simple step- by- step process, where you are supported by our KeepWell team.

  1. Self-assessment: The organisation assesses and it’s performance against the eight pillars of the KeepWell Mark framework by completing a ‘self-assessment’ against our framework of standards. The framework starts at a commitment level, moving through to achievement and excellence. Your company will be invited to various events and clinics that the Keepwell team host under the Ibec umbrella.
  2. Evidence Portfolio: The organisation prepares an evidence portfolio that supports its self-assessment rating. You will need to meet a minimum of the commitment level across all eight pillars. Evidence can be written polices, staff surveys, training records, information leaflets, emails, meeting minutes, posters and multimedia.
  3. Site Visit: The on-site assessment involves a tour of the workplace to see wellbeing in action and face- to- face interviews with senior management. The assessor will also conduct a full review of the evidence that you have gathered and engage directly with staff through focus groups to discuss their experience of health, safety and wellbeing.
  4. Analysis and Recommendations: Following on-site assessment, you will receive a personalised report containing our findings and analysis measured against the KeepWell framework standards. The report will also provide detailed recommendations designed to guide your organisation on the path to improvement across all areas of employee health and wellbeing.
  5. Accreditation: Once The Keepwell Mark is achieved, your company will be recognised and celebrated as an organisation that puts the wellbeing of your employees at the forefront of company policy. You can proudly display the KeepWell logo on your website, recruitment materials and email signatures.

The journey has just begun – you can now build your wellbeing action plan using the results of your assessment, and we’ll be there to support you and your team.


Your organisation will need to prepare an evidence portfolio for each area of The KeepWell Mark™. Evidence can be written polices, staff surveys, training records, information leaflets, emails, meeting minutes, posters and multimedia.

Ibec provides a comprehensive guide of required evidence for the criteria outlined in each of the standards. In addition, your KeepWell Account Manager will offer guidance and advice on what is required.

The accreditation involves visiting the workplace to:

  1. Review the evidence portfolio.
  2. Conduct interviews or small focus groups with staff from different departments and job roles about their experience of health, safety and wellbeing.
  3. Tour the site to see further evidence of the implementation of health, safety and wellbeing activity.
  4. Document the evidence compiled against the standards of The KeepWell Mark™.

This bit is up to you. The timeline differs, company to company, based on levels of preparedness. On average, the process usually takes between 3-4 months.

Your dedicated account manager will help you through the process and prepare you for your on-site assessment. They will provide you with key resources needed to meet the KeepWell standards, such as sample health, safety and wellbeing policies, checklists and guidance, all prepared by Ibec’s experts.

We also host regular clinics, company tours and information days to ensure our KeepWell community stays connected to each other and with the latest insights and best practice.

On accreditation, we will provide you with a communications and social media toolkit for you to share your achievement internally and externally.

We have many companies who were experiencing issues with managing absences, boosting physical activity and dealing with mental health in the workplace. By adopting the standards of the KeepWell Mark™ they were able to change their approach to wellbeing and introduce a variety of new schemes to support their staff and make a positive change.

Other companies benefit from having a clear and structured approach to workplace wellbeing that has a meaningful impact for every member of staff.

All companies benefit from enhancing their employer brand with the accreditation. The KeepWell Mark™ gives companies the opportunity to lead by example and become a driving force towards making their industries’ workplaces safer and healthier.

Since its launch, companies from every sector of the Irish economy have enrolled in the programme. We are seeing companies from the following sectors: Food & drink, technology, telecoms, bio pharma, financial services, construction, hospitality, retail, professional services and public sector (including third level institutions).

Check out our website for the full listing of accredited companies and our case studies from Boston Scientific, Dublin Bus and Sisk.

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