The winners / celebrating success

Six companies accredited with The KeepWell Mark, Ibec's workplace wellbeing accreditation were selected as the winners of this year's KeepWell Awards.

The awards, presented by Brendan Courtney, recognised and celebrated those companies that are prioritising the wellbeing of their workforces while showcasing those that have achieved exceptional success with their corporate wellbeing strategies.

The winning companies announced at The KeepWell Awards 2024 were:

Achievement in wellbeing / a life time of commitment

The ‘Outstanding Achievement to Wellbeing‘ was presented to Barbara Brennan, a mental health and human rights advocate, and workplace mental health policy specialist. With a background in public campaigns and reshaping corporate mental health policies, Barbara brings expertise and personal experience to her work, having overcome a life-altering suicide attempt in 2008. With almost 2 decades of experience raising awareness of mental health issues and focusing on stigma and discrimination, Barbara has worked with many diverse groups across the country, normalising inclusion and creating an environment for providing comprehensive and accessible programmes and services that deliver meaningful content working towards culture change.

Embrace wellbeing / Get your organisation accredited

Show your commitment to the wellbeing of your staff by getting your organisation accredited with The KeepWell Mark™ , an evidence-based workplace wellbeing accreditation from Ibec. The process includes benchmarking and assessing against licensed standards in workplace health, safety and wellbeing, a personalised report with recommendations for your corporate wellbeing strategy and a certificate of accreditation valid two years.

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