Lambay Malt Irish Whiskey

Lambay Whiskey, launched in 2018 and inspired by the island of Lambay , just off Dublin’s north coastline, is an independent bottler & blender within the Irish whiskey category.

Lambay Malt Whiskey is the ultimate expression of the renowned blending expertise from House Camus and is crafted under the watchful eye of Lambay's Master of Maturation, Yonael Bernard.

Rare in the world of whiskey , this deliciously smooth un-peated blended malt contains a blend of single malts both double & triple distilled, t bourbon barrel matured and then partially finished in hand-selected French oak cognac casks, that have been exposed to the sea air on Lambay Island. French oak Cognac casks from famous house Camus is the signature finish for all Lambay Whiskeys.

Before bottling, the island's own Trinity Well water is added in the final flourish, to deliver this delicious, elegant Irish whiskey.

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