Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey

Hand-bottled at Connacht’s distillery in the rugged west of Ireland, Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey embodies the best of the word’s meaning: an exclamation of triumph over the rival team; a rallying cry between lifelong friends; a toast to a difficult journey or a hard-fought victory. 

Ballyhoo begins as a sourced Irish whiskey with a mash bill of corn and malted barley that we bring to our distillery to further age and finish in used port barrels from Portugal. This second step softens the grain whiskey and rounds out the flavour into an easy sipper.

  • Color: Light amber with a subtle reddish hue Nose: The nose is light and soft with gentle vanilla and almond mixing with some warming spice and sweetness.
  • Palate: Some nice notes of vanilla with some hints of spice and subtle wood from the bourbon casks, the additional port finishing softens the whiskey. 
  • Finish: It lingers long, warm and ever so smooth despite being light in body. 

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