Dublin Liberties Distillery - The Keeper’s Coin

A delectable Irish whiskey christened after the nefarious drinking dens found in days gone by in the crypts of Christ Church cathedral, near our distillery in the Liberties. The dens were guarded by cellar keepers, who each harboured their own casks and accepted signature coins for payment. The 16 year old single malt was laid to rest in ex-Bourbon barrels, before being baptized in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks to conjure flavours as dark and deep as the crypts themselves.

On the nose, the Keeper’s Coin is brimming with aromas of melting toffee and fudge, chased by toasted hazelnuts and sea salt. On the palate, the American oak bestows rich wooden notes to a velvety body with an accent of salted butter. The Pedro Ximenez butts colour the whiskey’s finish, with smooth, rounded nutty notes for a complex and long lasting close. Best enjoyed neat, with a drop of water or on ice.

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