Childhood Services Ireland appoints Regina Bushell, Managing Director of Groveland’s Childcare, as Chair

May 18, 2023

Childhood Services Ireland, the Ibec group representing the childcare sector, is pleased to announce the appointment of Regina Bushell, Managing Director of Groveland’s Childcare, as its new Chair.

Commenting on her appointment, Regina Bushell said: “As the newly appointed chair of Childhood Services Ireland, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent and support services in the early learning and care sector during this time of transition and increased regulation. There are significant difficulties faced by services in the sessional, full-day, and school-age childcare sectors so I have been advocating for better supports for providers of all types, better pay and conditions for staff, and most importantly - quality services for children and their families.

“As inflation rises along with increased regulations, increased Government funding is necessary to support parents with childcare costs while also ensuring providers can thrive and continue to provide high quality services. CSI is committed to engaging with Government and other stakeholders to ensure that positive changes are made in the early learning and childcare sector that will benefit providers, staff, children, and their families”.

Darragh Whelan, Director of Childhood Services Ireland, said: “The CSI team are delighted that Regina has taken up this appointment. Regina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CSI. Having worked tirelessly as a representative for childcare providers, Regina has built up a strong working relationship with all sectoral stakeholders and has gained the respect of Government. We have every confidence that Regina will drive CSI’s strategy forward”.