Ibec calls on business to prepare for National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023

March 31, 2023

Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, is calling on businesses to get ready for the 9th National Workplace Wellbeing Day, taking place on Friday, 28 April 2023. The only national day in the EU specifically dedicated by business to spotlight employees' social, mental, and physical wellbeing, it is marked by companies across Ireland celebrating with a range of health and wellbeing activities in the workplace, with up to 1,000 companies participating annually.

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said: “We are seeing more and more businesses place wellbeing on the board agenda and greater attention is now being placed on how it can be recognised as a critical part of a businesses' ESG strategy. Mental health and overall wellbeing of employees is increasingly forming part of the measurable foundation of the ‘S’ within ESG.”

“We understand that a positive, proactive approach to the promotion of mental and physical wellbeing can lead to benefits for individuals and organisations, including improvements in productivity, employee engagement and reduced levels of absenteeism.”

Ibec will launch this year’s ‘Top 100 Companies Leading in Wellbeing’ index in association with the Business & Finance media group, as part of the activity for National Workplace Wellbeing Day. In its third year and the first of its kind in Ireland, the index recognises the top 100 businesses of all sizes for their exceptional contribution to employees' social, mental, and physical wellbeing.

National Workplace Wellbeing Day intends to celebrate wellbeing in the workplace, educate all stakeholders and help employers evolve and excel in their wellbeing strategies. By signing up, businesses are making a commitment to their staff that their wellbeing is a priority.

Sample activities to mark National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023 include:

  • Online/in-person access to medical, counselling and nutrition advice
  • Lunchtime 5K - encourage your staff to share a photo of their lunchtime walk, and share a collage with us on twitter by using #WorkWell23
  • Hybrid/In-person meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Hybrid/In-person guided fitness sessions
    Hybrid connect sessions including team lunches, water cooler or coffee break moments
    Hybrid/In-person briefings and live Q&A sessions with wellbeing practitioners
  • Internal competitions (baking, healthiest dish, fitness related. etc.)


To participate:

Sign up today at www.wellbeingday.ie
Follow us on twitter @WellbeingDayIrl
Showcase your activities on social media using the hashtag #WorkWell23