Ibec host special event with guests Bertie Ahern & Alastair Campbell to mark 25 years of Belfast/Good Friday Agreement

February 23, 2023

The record levels of investment right across the island of Ireland and Britain would simply not have occurred in such magnitude in the absence of peace supporting stability brought about by the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement (BGFA). 

That is what guests will hear today at a special Ibec event marking 25 years of the BGFA featuring two key architects and advocates of the Agreement – Bertie Ahern and Alastair Campbell. 

The former Taoiseach, and former director of communications for the British Prime Minister come together to discuss their respective roles in this historic agreement and reflect on what was achieved, the lasting impact on the all-island economy and lessons for the future.

Speaking at the event Bertie Ahern said: “The 25th anniversary of the BGFA is a significant event that provides the opportunity to spotlight the momentous economic and social prosperity that the Agreement has delivered for both the island of Ireland and Britain, while acknowledging the pivotal role that business has played in perpetuating peace and prosperity on the island.”

Alastair Campbell said: “The significance of what happened 25 years ago lies not merely in an end to the worst of the Troubles, but in the benefits North and South of the new narrative that was then able to be told around the world. The peace dividend has been real and can be enduring provided stability and security are maintained. And of course it has been of benefit not just to Northern Ireland and the Republic but to the whole of the UK. The Peace Process has allowed us to leverage our collective economic strengths across the two islands in ways which would not have been fully realised in its absence. It is imperative that politics and business provide the environment in which on both islands we can continue to work collaboratively to deliver that peace dividend.”

Danny McCoy, Ibec CEO said: “Peace and consequent stability have allowed for greater prosperity across the island of Ireland. Whilst that peace dividend is significant, there remains further opportunities of mutual benefit which the Irish business community will continue to pursue in the coming decades. Peace on the island underpinned by the BGFA has been central to prosperity and the success of many businesses. Business must therefore play a central role in the further development of an all-island economy which has the evolving principles of the BGFA at its core.”

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