Time for proportionate responses to the challenges that face us

September 18, 2020

The latest CEO Update newsletter to Ibec members from Danny McCoy

Dear member, 

We must do everything to live and work with Covid BUT this doesn’t absolve Government from providing certainty and notice – features which have been entirely absent this week. These are core principles which business requires from Government in relation to Covid restrictions and the communications framework which supports it.

1. A credible codified system with a reasonable escalation process.
2. NPHET proposals around restrictions must be proportionate and fine-tuned beyond the broad terminology of community transmission.
3. Business and societal stakeholders must be given a full hearing in advance of NPHET proposals being adopted by Government.
4. Business must be clear on what Government requires of them. The process and communication of these requirements must be delivered clearly with realism and empathy to livelihoods, communities, business continuity, supply chains.

The success of Government policy is based on strong collaboration and communication with stakeholders. This week’s scenario substantially undermines the credibility of the current plan and decision-making process.

Of course, transferring resources to those most impacted by Covid should be a key feature of budgetary policy. We have the means to do so and the unique set of circumstances to put in place strong measures to deal with the twin crises of Brexit and Covid. At a meeting with Ministers Donohoe and McGrath, yesterday, I along with key Ibec members, received a strong commitment for the continuation of supports for the economy throughout 2021 and for open dialogue on these issues.

As ever, we need individual businesses to also campaign in the run up to budget day delivering consistency in message and tone. To support this endeavor, you can access Budget 2021 campaign messaging content here and listen to the latest episode of Ibec Voices.

Best wishes,
Danny McCoy, 

Ibec CEO