Hospitals - Reboot Reimagine Campaign

May 25, 2020

Healthcare in Ireland is a complex mix of publicly and privately funded services. The debate over the implementation of Sláintecare will continue. This should not be a barrier to transforming healthcare provision across Ireland, matching the service user expectation for enhanced services. 

Through our Reboot Reimagine Campaign, Ibec is advocating for fiscal policy and stimulus measures for our members, across the public healthcare sector. Some of the specific policies we are calling for include;

  • Use data and digital to protect public health: empower citizens, aid the understanding and treatment of COVID-19, target the delivery of vital healthcare resources, save lives and ultimately help people transition safely back to work. 
  • Additional investment in primary care centres through PPP or leasing models should be explored. These are an important channel for decentralising healthcare services, bring them closer to the population. 
  • Government should support the use of telehealth technologies. Telehealth can play an important role in treating non COVID-19 patients in a non-hospital setting.

Innovation is essential to the healthcare sector. Government must take full advantage of the opportunities to facilitate innovation across the sector through pre-commercial procurement tools funded nationally and through EU research programmes.

For further detailed information please read our full campaign document.

Ibec Reboot Reimagine Campaign pdf | 9434.6 kb