CEO Update: Publication of National Return to Work Safely Protocol

May 09, 2020

The latest newsletter from Ibec CEO Danny McCoy to members.

Dear member,

Today saw the publication of the National Return to Work Safely Protocol, marking an important milestone in restarting our economy. As you know we have been working closely with Government through the Labour Employer Economic Forum (LEEF) on the measures required to support a safe return to the workplace for our businesses.
This document is a significant piece of practical guidance developed by Ibec with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Government and its agencies as well as other representative bodies. The Protocol provides guidance that can be applied across all industry sectors, providing a framework on which to build your return to work planning. Its design allows for the introduction of further sector, industry, or indeed, company specific measures, as long as they enhance the measures set out in the Protocol.
We believe the Protocol will provide confidence to employers and employees that the safety and well-being of people at work can be securely managed as we begin to reopen our economy. The Protocol is a clear demonstration of the positive impact of social dialogue as a way to allow government to collaborate with key stakeholders in society to address major challenges.

Over the coming week we will be running forums and webinars addressing your questions on the Protocol and how it applies to your organisation. We look forward to engaging with you as we work to support your return to business.

Best wishes,

Danny McCoy
Ibec CEO