Ibec Management Training - maintaining perspective and personal wellbeing

April 07, 2020

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we all work, live and interact with each other. Everyone has had to change, adapt and learn in new ways. How we look at the future and learn to lead ourselves and others now and in the months ahead, is something that we will all need to learn quickly. Organisations need people who can learn in new ways, innovate and demonstrate resilience.  When people return to their roles and the economy recovers, this can then enable them position themselves to help build and grow their teams and organisations.
Front of mind in these days of crisis, is managing through the turmoil and many challenges that face teams, management and business owners.  Personal resilience, adaptability and flexibility skills are being questioned and called into action for us all, whilst maintaining a focus on personal wellbeing and perspective.

Ibec Management Training has adapted the majority of our highly successful diplomas, certificates and short courses programmes, to deliver safely online, to help business maintain a focus on people development, where appropriate, and also to assist with the personal challenges we’re all facing.  

We love to hear how we can support our members further, so please let us know which areas of development are critical for your people and organisations. We can work with you to design and develop an accredited or short programme, which delivers impactful, relevant, applied and practical learning, delivered in a safe online environment for your people.
TU Dublin accredited online programmes 
Diploma in Management starting on 16th April
Diploma in Human Resource Management starting on 24th April
Diploma in Employment Law starting on 15th May
Managing People starting on 22nd April
Managing People Skills starting on 6th May
Short online programmes
Leading with Emotional Intelligence on 16th April
Facilitation Skills on 17th April
Manage Your Time Effectively on 21st April
Search Marketing on 21st April
Powerful Presence on 22nd April
Effective Presentation Skills on 28th April
CBT online Programmes
Leading with Wellbeing
Foundations in Management
Additional Online programmes 
Mindfulness-Leading in Times of Crisis
Mindfulness for Business Course
Remote Working
Building Resilience and Wellbeing
Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
Managing Safety 
Project Management
You can check Ibec Management training for more upcoming programmes.