Smarter technology for a better future

February 20, 2020

A new national AI strategy is expected early in 2020. We envisage a new national AI strategy, aligned with EU initiatives and globally relevant standards for interoperable and trustworthy AI, that enables government, business and individuals to embrace innovation and technological change; address policy issues of strategic importance; deliver quality jobs and enhance well-being.  The new Strategy should enable an ongoing stakeholder dialogue to further develop Ireland’s AI ecosystem and enable Government, enterprise, innovators and individuals to identify and realise opportunities in AI adoption.

The key Ibec priorities for a new national AI strategy include:

  • Enable government and enhance public services for a smarter world. Government should shape an outcome-driven governance of AI, both at home and with its international partners. The approach should be principled, evidence-based, risk-based and proportionate. Government should act as a catalyst in promoting adoption and embracing technological change in enhanced government and public service delivery.
  • Deliver the digital and data infrastructure for a smarter world. Enable access to further opportunity.
  • Nurture further innovation for a smarter world. This means enabling investment and collaboration in AI research and an enhanced environment that supports our research and innovation in AI applications.
  • Enable smarter entrepreneurship. We should focus on enhancing our comparative strengths and the conditions that enable every organisation, big and small, to embrace innovation, better understand opportunities and adopt technologies, including AI. We must resource the response accordingly. Without enterprise-driven AI, Ireland will not be able to add value to ongoing research in AI and lose out to competitors.
  • Enable individuals to succeed in a smarter world. Enable everyone to reach their potential and succeed in an era of further innovation and technological change. Build an indigenous pipeline of AI talent and practitioners. Encourage digital inclusion and diversity and intensify investment in education and developing relevant skills. Build external partnerships and attract mobile AI talent to augment this pipeline.

To learn more, download our full report below.

Ibec National AI Strategy Priorities pdf | 690.5 kb