Ibec the voice: Penetrating the political debate

January 31, 2020

At the opening of last night’s televised leader’s debate, Ibec’s call for the establishment of a new form of social dialogue was referenced as a proposition with which no political leader could disagree. That the business voice is gaining traction and penetrating the political debate is hugely positive for both Ibec and our members.

As we face into the profound finality of Brexit tonight while simultaneously listening to great national debate during election time, it is clear that there is no chart to define a way forward on the major challenges we face as a society and economy. It is also important to reflect on the recent past when in the run up to the UK referendum in June 2016, Brexit for many, was inconceivable.

This context demands leadership and consistency from business. A structured mechanism which allows us and the workforce to play a meaningful role in policy formulation through robust engagement with government is the foundation stone. This is how we build consensus on solutions to create a sustainable future for all. Call it what you will, social dialogue or even social partnership for the 20’s, it is an imperative for a new economic order that arrives tomorrow. It allows us to be on the front foot for developments in the future which may today be inconceivable.

While we have all welcomed the avoidance of a ‘no deal’ and its catastrophic implications, even with an orderly UK exit, we and the all island economy will ultimately end up in a worse place than where we find ourselves now. It behoves us as business to act on leading the creation of a proactive and confident whole of society conversation and also to ensure that investment and trade across the island is protected and supported. A new programme for government provides this opportunity and Ibec will continue to campaign on your behalf, persist on our priorities and frame our leadership through the prism of creating a sustainable society for all.

For more on social dialogue and Ibec’s general election priorities, listen to our daily podcast ‘Business at the Ballot Box’ on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or on our General Election website. For details on how Ibec can support your business through Brexit go to our dedicated Brexit website.

As always please get in touch with any comments or questions.

Danny McCoy, 
Ibec CEO