Make 8 February Your Business

January 20, 2020

Dear Member, 

We launched our business manifesto for the General Election today in which we set out 4 key strategic priorities:

1. Quality infrastructure and world class public services
2. Tax policy to nurture indigenous business and our affinity with international investment
3. Tackle climate change and lead on creating a sustainable nation
4. Law making that creates the conditions for business success and a competitive labour market
As an Ibec member, you are at the heart of our campaign.  

Under each of these four themes, the business manifesto provides messages and solutions for you and your stakeholders.  You can bring life and passion to the biggest challenges facing business and our workforce, helping us amplify these issues with people and real life examples, making the voice of business relevant and important to everyone in the communities in which we operate. We hope that you will share in our mission of championing these priorities not just on behalf of business but also on behalf of your workforce to deliver a stable government which will meaningfully build on the strength of our enterprise base and chart a sustainable way forward for all.

Next week we will launch Business at the Ballot Box, our general election podcast series which we will bring to you daily, featuring a host of Ibec spokespeople, business leaders and external commentators. You will find this across all of the podcast platforms.  

We will also host a political leaders breakfast debate on business issues at Ibec on Thursday 30 January.  To attend this event please register here. 

For more insight into what we are saying and doing go to

Best wishes,

Danny McCoy