Retailers empower today’s increasingly conscientious consumer with comprehensive product information and choice. Advances in mobile, web and product labelling technologies are used to make this information more easily available to consumers.

  • Clear labelling: Retailers have worked to significantly improve the information available to shoppers about what they are buying. Clear and extensive nutritional labelling makes it easier for consumers to make healthy food choices.
  • Fresh food traceability: The safety and security of food supply chains is a priority for retailers. Food is tracked through all stages of production, processing and distribution so that consumers can shop with confidence.
  • Code of conduct for children’s clothes: Irish retailers have committed to the responsible sale of children’s clothes. The code states that slogans and imagery must be age appropriate and marketing should be directed at parents, not children.
  • Responsible sale of alcohol: Retailers have worked closely together over the last 12 years through the Responsible Retailers of Alcohol in Ireland (RRAI), putting in place a robust code of conduct governing the sale, marketing and advertising of alcohol. New public health rules will build on these measures into the future.