MII is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at balancing the debate around meat consumption. From a nutritional standpoint, meat is a nutrient dense food which provides protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are vital to humans. Information on the nutrition and health benefits of meat is available here

From an environmental perspective, Irish meat production is amongst the most sustainable globally due to the nature of our production systems. Work is ongoing to further improve our environmental footprint. Information on the environmental credentials of Irish meat production is available here.

Meat and Dairy Facts (MADF)

Farmers, processors and representative organisations have joined forces to explain the vital role of meat and dairy in a balanced diet and to demonstrate how the Irish meat and dairy sectors are taking major steps to protect the environment and guarantee the highest possible standards in animal welfare.

Irish meat and dairy ranks among the world’s best for producing quality and delicious food in a way that ensures animals are properly cared for and that Ireland’s environment is protected – so it’s important to get the facts straight.

Further information on the MADF initiative is available at the following:

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In this episode, join RTE 2FM presenter Carl Mullan as he starts the journey on getting back to basics with food and nutrition and tackling those bad food habits resulting from the recent lockdown.



In the second episode, Carl is in conversation with local farmer suppliers as he navigates the journey back to basic cooking.








In the final episode of the series, Carl gets some helpful advice and tips on cooking and presenting a balanced meal.


MADF Series

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The craft behind Irish meat and dairy 

European Livestock Voice

European Livestock Voice is a multi-stakeholder group of like-minded EU partners in the livestock food chain that decided to unite to bring back a balanced debate around a sector that is playing such an essential role in Europe’s rich heritage and future. The associations which represent sectors ranging from animal health to feed, to breeding and animal farming and farmers, aim to inform the public about the social value of livestock production and its contribution to global challenges, offering another perspective in the ongoing debates.

Further information on this initiative is available at the following:

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