New skills needed to address rapid technological advancements and climate change challenge

 Ireland’s financial services sector is fundamental to the growth and prosperity of the country. Our new report, Financial Services in Ireland – Skills of the Future, funded through IFS Skillnet, highlights a variety of new skills required in Ireland’s financial services sector, as it navigates an increasingly digital future and the challenges of climate change.

The main skills gaps identified in the survey within the report were data analytics and machine learning (18%), digital transformation (18%), and risk and compliance (18%).

The report makes a number of recommendations, including:

  • Extending existing talent initiatives that increase access to in-demand skills, such as the IFS Skillnet and IFS, Insurance and Accounting Apprenticeships to help students and employees build work-ready skills
  • Attract talent early through well thought out strategically planned processes
  • Attract transition talent by showcasing modern financial institutions as technology-centric, innovative, world-class employers
  • Broaden recruitment filters to ensure that they are responsive to the changing nature of skills and experience
  • Focus on upskilling and reskilling as an opportunity for mid-career employees

Network and Learn

IFS Skillnet supports the sector in maintaining Ireland’s position as a top international financial services centre, through ongoing investment in the development of the skills and expertise of this workforce. The network can benefit your business with improved training performance at higher quality and lower cost, up to 30% off training and 80% off course development. IFS Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies.

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