The objective of FSI’s sustainable finance strategic is for ‘Ireland is a world-class location for sustainable finance.’

FSI will work to promote:

  • Ireland at the vanguard of sustainable finance, including green bonds, ESG and socially responsible investing, sustainable infrastructural investments, climate finance and, performance bonds
  • Ireland as a location for world leading professionals and organisations in sustainable finance
  • Ireland’s involvement in and support for groups like the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability
  • Sustainable finance actions within Ireland for Finance

To achieve this, FSI collaborates with Sustainable Finance Ireland, Ibec’s Energy division and FSI sustainable finance forum to identify best practice and polices that ensure Ireland becomes a global leader for sustainable finance activity.

FSI through Aisling Mc Niffe represents members’ views on sustainable finance at a European level, through the Business Europe taskforce on sustainable finance.

For more information or how to get involved please contact Aisling Mc Niffe (

How to get involved / Working Groups

FSI Sustainable Finance forum is used to share best practice and provide input into National and EU submissions.

For more information contact Aisling Mc Niffe (

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