The programme will develop individual leadership skills and competency of teams to operate effectively in a fast paced and highly complex or regulated environment.

The target are' in tact' teams with one team participating per two-day workshop. The emphasis is on growing performance and therefore theory is linked solidly to practice.

Action Plan: A clear plan of action is agreed with each and embeds the TLS Lab learning on team dynamics, self- and other-leadership, setting goals and making them happen, and several other learning points within each of those themes such as building trust and effective collaboration. As important, the action plan will specify how the team will embark on a continuous learning journey (leaving the ‘lab’ and entering the ‘field’) and turn learning into action by outlining a 3+month action plan to include further interventions such as accountability partners, share-and-snack or lunch-and-learn bite sized segments.

Confidence, Optimism & Urgency: Teams make meaningful strides toward becoming a high performance team committed to continuous development, with improvements in team dynamics, member well-being and ultimately business impact.

The underpinnings of strong self- and other-leadership, effective team dynamics are established and goal setting/accomplishment by learning about several critical constructs and approaches including: Trust Model (Reina), Dysfunctions of Teams (Lencioni), Psychological Safety (Edmondson).

A video is available providing an overview of the programme, on request from the Engineering Skillnet, delivered by the facilitator. Both Team and Personality Profiling is included in the above.

Start Date March 06, 2024
Duration 2 full consecutive days
Delegate Price €2,330 (+VAT)
Type Forums and workshops