The session unlocks innovation as teams learn to convert negatives to positives.
It will cover:

  • Using your Passion to control your Emotions
  • Asking the right questions to achieve the best answers
  • Generating Alternative actions
  • Removing Obstacles & Blockages to achieving goals


Workshop Content:

Passion:  Obtain Clear Focus

  • Separate ‘Passion’ from ‘Emotion’
  • Use Open Questions to Open the Mind.


Productivity: Explore Creativity as a tool for successful Innovation

  • Participants are broken into groups to create a ‘How to’ open question.  This question is then used in a brainstorming exercise  - ‘Leap-Frog’  -  to explore innovative options to achieve their goal.  These Ideas are captured and presented by a leader from each group for discussion.


Perseverance:  Transform Negative Thinking into Positive Action

  • This session focuses on removing obstacles and blockages to achieving required goals.
  • Participants learn to use the D.N.A. print to change negative thinking into positive action.



Start Date April 18, 2023
Delegate Price €200 (+VAT)
Location Virtual
Type Virtual events