This 2-day 'in-person' course introduces a robust set of strategies for effective troubleshooting. The challenge is one of change management on a personal and company level. This is achieved by a heightened degree of self-awareness that allows us to break out of the prison of pattern thinking, enabling us to control
where our attention is directed and become world-class trouble-shooters.
Through practice, embed a belief in the maintenance team that a proven troubleshooting strategy
supported by a virtual toolkit of effective thinking skills will yield great value for individuals and the
organisation where they work.
Upon completion learners will be able to:

✓ Explain the value of the systematic approach to solving production equipment issues.
✓ Explain the advantages of interrogation and narrowing approaches.
✓ Represent technology in Block Diagram format to guide the narrowing cycle.
✓ Use Troubleshooting guides and Problem-Solving Data Sheets to track and record the process.
✓ Analyse examples of good and bad communication for shift handover.
✓ Practice the evidence gathering, testing, narrowing, and closing troubleshooting techniques.
✓ List the pitfalls when troubleshooting

Start Date May 31, 2023
Delegate Price €600 (+VAT)
Type Webinar