This facilitated workshop uses a case study for teams to experience how to ‘join the dots’ between data and decisions well.

A problem based learning approach helps teams actively participate in reviewing available data and speculate as to the "who, why, how" of risk leading to and navigating a series of critical decision making points.

This collaborative experience gives teams a lasting and durable sense of how data can be breached, data quality lost, cost-benefits evolve and project scope creep to produce failures.

Due diligence skills and risk literacy is enhanced in a shared collaborative exercise that addresses risk controls, how to identify and classify risk and important principles for effective risk mitigation and communication.

The ISO31000 risk management process is introduced and applied. Cognitive biases are explained as well as how these can skew risk sensibility. Helpful tools such as a risk matrix is reasoned through with an opportunity to ‘fail safely’ and ask questions.

This will suit cross functional or technical teams to improve their commercial awareness and perspectivity.

Start Date June 06, 2023
Delegate Price €195 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events