This Maintenance Technology skills course aims:

  • To enable staff to be effective in the use of preventative and corrective maintenance strategies when working on modern industrial systems and components. 
  • To ensure the right level of competence is demonstrated by learners to work with equipment in line with relevant Health and Safety regulations.
  • To help learners achieve their qualification at Major Level 6 on completion of 7-8 modules (depending on past experience levels).
  • To create a pathway to higher education {Level 7 & 8} and encourage a lifelong learning mindset.

The award involves the accumulation of 120 credits with 2 central pillars in the award structure: Electrical (up to 60 credits available) and Programmable Automation (up to 45 credits). It creates a skills pathway to higher education {Level 7 & 8} and encourages a lifelong learning mindset.

The Pneumatics Module dates are: February 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th for a group delivery on the member company site.

Learner outcomes below:

  • Maintain the efficient operation of pneumatic systems.
  • Interpret Circuit Diagrams.
  • Identify standard pneumatic components and understand their functions and maintenance requirements.
  • Use Pneumatic Circuits to predict the behaviour of machines.
  • Locate, Diagnose and replace faulty components.
  • Explain the Health and Safety legislative requirements for air-powered machinery.

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Start Date February 09, 2023
Time 9 am
Duration 8 hours
Delegate Price €640 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events