The modern workplace has diverse generations, disciplines and cultures working together so shared understanding can be a challenge.

This free webinar is available exclusively to Engineering Skillnet members and tailored for the cultural mix of each organisation. Webinars occur quarterly timed at the request of members to the Network Manager.

Section 1 – 45 mins. + 10 mins Q&A
How multicultural differences impact our reality in:

-          perception of objects and space

-          prioritisation of facts

-          framing of decisions and actions

Participants see illustrations of how we classify and categorise information differently via problem-based exercises.

Section 2 - – 45 mins. + 10 mins Q&A
Why we need to adjust for six cultural dimensions.

-          recognising cultural default settings
how values influence communication and motivation
adjusting language to avoid bias and misunderstanding

Participants explore their ability to interpret the Irish culture accurately, make helpful value comparisons between cultures and learn of unexpected similarities between Eastern and some Western cultures.

Section 3 - 45 mins. + 10 mins Q&A
Maximise multicultural teamwork and collaboration.

-          2 key team dynamics to get right

-          Improving work and communication flow

-          Using cultural difference to problem-solve better

Participants learn how to influence ‘team talk’ in a way that takes advantage of cognitive diversity using a systems psychology technique.

Start Date September 20, 2023
Delegate Price Free
Type Webinar