The world of work is now more complex and dependant on effective teamwork. For creative problem-solving, coaching offers an aid to effective knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

This first in a series of free webinars will examine some of the best listening tools and latest neuro-based approaches including -'TGROW', "S.C.A.R.F." and "M.O.RE'.

Listening is our best solution to ensure diverse workers co-operate well and a critical 'transversal' skill for 'Employment 5.0'. During this lively discussion session, three industry-experienced coaches lead learners to explore how we can all practice effective listening, daily, the various levels of listening and how to improve our listening skills and mindset.

The Engineering Skillnet is joined by 'ARV Excellence' (specialists in Lean team development),' Go1Better' (who coaches coaches to full International Coaching Federation certification) and John McNamara, a leading exponent of "global listening". 

A great way to round of European Year of Skills.


Start Date December 18, 2023
Time 1-2 pm
Delegate Price Free