Learners in the following roles will find the course useful :

  • Lighting designers
  • Technical personnel
  • Sales Personnel
  • Product designers
  • Lighting Engineers
  • Electrical designers

The DIALux Evo foundation course is designed to take delegates through the basic use of DIALux Evo. The delegates will learn setting up simple projects to obtain simple lighting design outcomes, including:

  • Working with image files and CAD drawings
  • Single and multiple rooms
  • Evaluating illuminance in line with EN 12464
  • Creating rooms and buildings and lighting them using regularly spaced arrays of luminaires
  • Printing drawings and reports as output

Learnning Outcomes include:

  • The ability to access DIALux evo, understand its layout and perform lighting calculations
  • The ability to import CAD format files and work with them to provide lighting designs
  • Gain an understanding of the settings within the software,
  • Understand how to produce meaningful outputs in both electronic and paper format.
  • An understanding of the practicalities of lighting measures within lighting software.

Delegates will experience the software live working along with the tutor using worked examples. The tutor will answer questions and solve software related problems during the workshop.

Pre-requisites of attendance

Attendees should understand the fundamentals of lighting design as this is a software course, though the tutor is an expert lighting designer and will help fill in knowledge gaps where relevant. Attendees must be computer literate and have the latest version of DIALux evo installed on a compatible Windows-based laptop.

Start Date May 16, 2023
Duration 3 days
Delegate Price €180 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events
Contact fiona.fennell@ibec.ie