This course starts by familiarising participants with the Minitab environment in order for learners to become competent in changing, configuring and customising Minitab. It introduces process-owners to the concept of 'clean' data through a live interactive virtual format and equips them well over three days to join the dots between data and decisions.

On Day 1, the process-owners become confident in creating Histograms, Boxplots, Scatter Plot, Time Series Plots, Matrix Plots, Bubble plot, Individual Value Plot, correlogram etc. and using 'Normal Probability Plot to query “is my data normal?”.

Day 2 helps participants to grasp Statistical Decision Making with Minitab. This includes understanding the concept of probability amd the distribution of data. Learning outcomes include making accurate predictions about processes and how to estimate key process parameters. They grow in confidence to use Tests of Hypotheses to answer “Have I made a difference?” and learn how to use Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to compare multiple samples and determine the optimum sample size for decision-

Day 3 focusses on Process Monitoring & Control with Minitab

Learners will understand Central Limit Theorem as justification for control and grasp why process variation defines process plus how to construct and interpret control charts for variables etc.

The course is 'high impact' through regular assessment and opportunities to ask questions and discuss learning points. It is popular and the Engineering Skillnet offers 'on demand' around the learning needs of members. 

Start Date June 06, 2023
Delegate Price Member
€275 (+VAT)