Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course participants will be able to develop innovative tools, jigs, and fixtures from initial concept to prototype stage. Participants will have the competency to generate 3D design models, choose and implement the most suitable 3D printing technology for their innovation processes and to select the most appropriate materials for their product requirements.

Course Structure

The programme is run online over 6-8 weeks consisting of 5 online classroom sessions and 4 expert mentored 1-1 sessions. Industry case studies will be presented during the programme to show how 3D printed parts and prototypes can be implemented to improve process/ production efficiencies. Following the mentoring sessions, each participant’s novel idea will be 3D printed. The programme culminates with an in-person demo day and a final project presentation to outline the benefits to their sponsoring company.

Benefits to participating companies

By up-skilling staff, companies can realise significant production cost reductions. Parts can be developed and produced on-the-go to reduce line downtimes without the need to wait for parts to be delivered. Staff will be able to develop Innovative jigs, tools, and fixtures to improve process/ production efficiencies. Companies will be able to fully implement novel ideas without resourcing constraints or limitations.

  • Reduces production costs by improving efficiencies and quality
  • Shortens supply-chain for production equipment parts, reducing downtime
  • Improves 3D finish of products, jigs, and fixtures
  • Less failed prints through better materials selection
  • Up-skills technical competence and confidence
  • Distributes design talent across the workforce

Benefits to participating companies

Learners can be at a beginner level, may or may not be proficient in CAD, but should be able to read technical drawings and rough sketch potential solutions (by hand). Learners range from a director of a start-up with a requirement for prototyping, to line operators, technicians, toolmakers, fitters, etc.

Start Date September 04, 2023
Duration 6 weeks
Delegate Price €1,635 (+VAT)
Type Virtual events
Contact fiona.fennell@ibec.ie