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A Model of Substance

This Ibec campaign tells the story of the evolution and substance of the Irish business model.

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Ireland: A Model of Substance

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Why this campaign matters

Substance has taken Ireland from economic laggard to the fastest growing economy in the developed world, and substance will help us lead both the economy and society to an assured future.

For small open countries like Ireland we must ensure that global economies remain committed to the open policies that have benefitted so many and that the nature and structure of the Irish economic model is understood.

It is therefore vital that business and other stakeholders understand how we have got to where we are today and to talk about the development of Ireland as a model of substance.

Ireland: A Model of Substance

Six reasons why Ireland is a model of substance

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The Ibec Lecture with Minister Paschal Donohoe

The New, New economy

Media & Speeches

Ibec's most up to date media engagements promoting the substance of the Irish business model.

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For further information

For further information, to organise briefings and to request hard copies of the report, contact the Ibec corporate affairs team at: (01) 605 1527.